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4.4 out of 5
(77 reviews in the last 12 months)
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  • 1480 North 400 East
    Logan, UT 84341
  • (435) 750-5501
  • 120 Beds
  • Medicare Medicaid


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If someone were to ask you about Rocky Mountain Care Logan, what would you tell them?
"It's an excellent facility with good people. They were good at helping you to get what you needed out of the experience. The kitchen food was excellent, and if there was something you couldn't eat, like me, they did everything they could to accommodate you."

"I already have. I would tell them it's a great facility, and they treat people like people, not as patients or numbers, but as individuals. They treat the families that way also. They made sure the family was happy and met their needs. They did a great job at individualized care."

"I will tell them Logan Nursing was a good place, and the food was good."

"They took care of me well. They were caring and helpful, and they just took care of my needs quite well. Overall, the care was well done."

"I would highly recommend it. It was pleasant. They took good care of me. I would recommend it to anybody."

"I will say that I had a very good experience."

"I would tell them that the rooms were nice."

"I will tell anyone that it is an excellent facility, with a good staff."

"I will say that everything was great."

"I will say that they gave very good care and the nursing staff was very well-trained."

"I have been there a couple of times and my husband has been there. I will definitely recommend Logan Nursing to others."

"I will tell them the same thing I have always told anyone that has asked me. They have a caring, patient staff, and they keep everything clean."