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4.6 out of 5
(51 reviews in the last 12 months)
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  • 416 North State Street
    Hurricane, UT 84737
  • (435) 635-9833
  • 60 Beds
  • Medicare Medicaid


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If someone were to ask you about Hurricane Health And Rehabilitation, what would you tell them?
"I would tell others that I saw the effects of the state survey and they have the highest marks in the county."

"I would recommend them every time, and if I had the chance, I would do a commercial for them. I would recommend them to anyone, family, friends and neighbors. We are a small town so I had gone and visited others at Hurricane previously, and they were so pleasant to visitors. If you have a good experience, then you will pass it on. I would tell them I would not go anywhere else if we needed to go to a care center again."

"I would tell others that I thought it was a real excellent place to go. The only thing was that it was far for my family to come and see me very often."

"I would recommend them to anyone and would tell them it's a super place. They take care of the residents and if you need a place, to go there. If I didn't think things deserved a five rating I would give them a one or a zero, but they have been really good."

"I would tell others that it's a great place and that they take good care of my father."

"I would tell others that I liked it there, and that it was more of a home atmosphere, which made it more comfortable."

"I would tell others that they get good care and that they take care of things quite well."

"I would tell them it's neat and clean. They seem to care about their patients. It's convenient for people in Hurricane."

"I would tell them that it's a very nice place to go when that kind of care is needed. They care for the individual and family."

"I would tell others that they do their best to make sure you are happy there."

"I would tell others that our experience there was wonderful and hopefully we do not ever have to use the facility again. If we did, we would use it again in an instance."