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If someone were to ask you about Millard County Care And Rehabilitation, what would you tell them?
"I would recommend it quite frequently. I would tell them it is an excellent place. It is especially excellent if there are peers here. I have had family and friends with parents here. It's a very nice place. My sister was at different care centers. This is just over and above anything she was ever at. It is a very nice facility. They do the best."

"It's a really good facility. They get great care."

"I would recommend them, and I have recommended it. I would tell them it's an excellent place to trust their family member in."

"I would tell them it is a good facility. People are really caring and helpful. They are concerned about the people who stay there."

"I would recommend them. I would tell them that it was very personalized, clean, and they give good service."

"I wouldn't hesitate at all to recommend it. I would tell them if they have a loved one that they want taken good care of, they should try Millard County Care."

"I would tell them that I'm pleased with it and the people that run it."

"I would be very likely to recommend them. I would tell them they better go there if they need it. It is the most fantastic place. There is nothing like it down here in Phoenix."

"I would tell them that it is a fine facility."

"I would tell them that it is a fantastic place. It is the best place I have ever seen for a nursing home."

"I would tell them that it is a good place. They do seem to care. The nurses and aides seem to do as good of a job as they can to care for the people that are down there."

"I would tell them that they handled our needs very well."