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(112 reviews in the last 12 months)
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  • 7050 Madison Street
    Willowbrook, IL 60521
  • (630) 323-6380
  • 150 Beds
  • Medicare Medicaid


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If someone were to ask you about Chateau Nrsg & Rehab Center, what would you tell them?
"Chateau is excellent. I have told people about it. It's a very caring staff. You can communicate well with the administrator, and the social services lady, Maurine, is outstanding. She runs my husband to the hearing aid doctor. There are good people to talk to. It's an excellent facility."

"I already have. I would highly recommend it."

"I would recommend them. I would say it's a very nice facility, very clean and it doesn't smell when you go in there. My mother had the problems with the C. diff, and they said there were gowns and gloves in the hallway if I needed to wear them."

"I have already recommended it to quite a few people. I would tell them that I think it is a very good facility. My mom was at another facility at one time, and I would take Chateau over them. I would recommend them over Franciscan Village."

"I would tell them if you have to do something like that in this area, it's the perfect place to go. It has a beautiful atmosphere. I would highly recommend it for that reason because the atmosphere is important too."

"I already have recommended them. I would tell them that from the beginning I was critical, but every one of my areas I checked out, I found out they did well in all the areas."

"I would tell them it s a very nice facility for a loved one. They take care of them and respect them, and the accommodations are nice. They are easy to work with, and they try to correct things before they contact you."

"I would tell them I have been impressed with the communication with Chateau, with me and my sister. I have been impressed with the staff to see that they truly love what they do. They make the environment fun and safe."

"I would tell them it is the best place to have one of your loved ones and they would be taken care of beautifully. You wouldn't have to worry as much as other places. It was the nicest and cleanest, and the nursing and people all around are great."

"I would tell them you won't find anything better. It has been a wonderful experience and she is the happiest I have seen her in years."

"I would tell them that (the resident) is getting really good care and I really think they do everything they can to accommodate the residents and make them feel respected. They watch out for their health. I watch them really take care of people there and they do a good job."

"When I first went, I spoke to the manager. I found this to be care in action. I have found it to be excellent from the day I walked in. There isn't a stench, everyone is pleasant, and I would definitely recommend it."

"I would tell them that it's a gracious and clean place with qualified and intelligent, gracious people. They have good care."

"I would tell them that everyone is very friendly, and it's clean. They seem to be very concerned about all the residents. I'm very pleased with the care he is getting."

"I would tell them about my experience there. I was always well received, and they were always there and answered all my questions, even the office staff and social workers."

"I would tell them that it was a very nice place with very helpful people. It's a good place to be if you have to be there."

"I would tell them that it's very clean. The staff, going from the professional staff all the way down to the nurses and aides, have been outstanding."

"I tell everyone about it. I would tell them if you needed a long term care for a parent or rehab to go there. But mostly for long term, I would not hesitate ever to send anyone there for that care. My mother was in another facility and it was terrible and this one is so amazing."

"We have recommended it and I would tell them out of all the ones around here Chateau would probably be the number one. We know people that have been to other ones and they didn't get the service and they didn't like it as well. The rooms are bigger at Chateau than other places."

"I would tell them it's a very clean facility and the people that work there take care of the residents and give them dignity."

"I would tell them it's a lovely, lovely place. Nursing homes generally have a bad reputation but Chateau is exceptional."

"I would tell them what I actually told them when my dad went through this. It was hard because we cared for him. If we could have found Chateau earlier he would have been better off in a place like this instead of bouncing around to different places being cared for."

"I have recommended them and my mom is doing rehabilitation there right now. I would tell them that it's a very nice place, they take good care of everyone and it doesn't smell. It has a very nice atmosphere and the people are very friendly. I would definitely recommend, as I have already."

"I would tell them it's a very clean, caring facility that is very nice."

"I would tell them they take good care of my mom, and I am not concerned about her when I am not there."

"I would tell them it's a very nice place."

"I would tell them that it is very nice and they take good care of him."

"I would tell them that my mother is very happy, well adjusted and very well-taken care of there."

"I would tell them that in my experience, the staff treats all the residents with respect and dignity. It's a very clean nursing home and doesn't have any bad odors when I'm there."

"I would tell them it's a very beautiful place and that the staff is competent and concerned."