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4.3 out of 5
(101 reviews in the last 12 months)
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  • 1325 Manchester Road
    Wheaton, IL 60187
  • (630) 668-2500
  • 123 Beds
  • Medicare Medicaid


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If someone were to ask you about Wheaton Care Center, what would you tell them?
"I have on occasion recommended them. I would tell them that the staff is experienced and caring and the facility is clean even though it is older. They do their best to maintain it, and the people there care about the patients."

"I would tell them that it is a very good center and they take care of the residents very well. If there is a problem you will be notified right away. They are very happy over there, and there are a lot of activities. They respect their opinions. I would highly recommend Wheaton Care Center."

"I had only one association with Wheaton Care Center. I believe I would recommend them because, as a whole, nursing homes do have a bad reputation, especially in Chicago. However, I think Wheaton Care Center does really take care of the patients there. I see it, and the people seem to be happy around there. I would tell others that I believe that their family member would be well taken care of and that they would not have to worry too much about them. They are safe there, and as far as I can see they are being well taken care of. I would tell them if they have any problems just to talk with the nurses there and they will accommodate you. They will find out what the problem is, and if there is a problem they will certainly look into it."

"I would tell them that it's very nice and the people take care of her."

"I would tell them it's top rated out there for certain kinds of people."

"I would tell them it's run well, and it's a safe place for a family member and loved one to be."

"I would tell them that they have intelligent nurses and doctors there willing to take care of their loved one. It's a safe environment."

"I would tell them that it is a good place and they take care of you."

"I would tell them that it is a nice wooded setting, the staff is nice, the building is clean and it never smells."

"I would tell them that the folks there seem to be very much engaged in the recuperation in the folks that stay there. They seem to be very concerned with their health and well-being."

"I definitely would recommend them to others and if they had the same issues, then I would rate it a five. I would tell others that it's good care and it's safe."

"I definitely would recommend them to others, and I would tell them that the staff is very helpful in every way. They are very polite, respectful and they answer your questions. They are really helpful and nice."

"I would recommend them to anybody. I would tell others that it is nice. We have been here before, so I know how it is and how they treat you. I have seen other places that are really bad, and this is really nice."