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4.5 out of 5
(112 reviews in the last 12 months)
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  • 12450 Walker Road
    Lemont, IL 60439
  • (630) 243-0400
  • 158 Beds
  • Medicare Medicaid


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If someone were to ask you about Lemont Nursing & Rehab Center, what would you tell them?
"I would tell them that they have the best rehab around."

"The quality of the care is the most important thing. All the other stuff they can improve. The care from the people who take are of my mom has been awesome. We have found it to be a highly professional group of nurses, therapist, and aides. They make every effort to offer interesting activities for the folks. They respond to the patients beautifully. I have seen all kinds of interaction going on there. Never have I seen anyone bad mouth, put down, or harm in anyway emotionally or physically any of the people. We feel it's a safe place for her to be."

"I would tell others that it's a great facility and they take the guilt out of being put in a nursing home. They are very accommodating and it has just been a pleasure. My mom has been there for three years in July and I'm very happy that we got her in there."

"It's very likely that I would recommend Lemont Nursing to someone else and I would tell them that it's a very friendly, clean, and helpful environment."

"I would recommend Lemont to others and I would tell them that it's a very nice place, that it's clean and the people are very polite."

"It's very good. The food is good, and the therapy is excellent."

"They are a wonderful, caring facility. If you need rehab, they are the best."

"I recommend them to a lot of people. It's a wonderful place and the staff is great. They get good care there."

"It's a great rehab place if that's what you need. It's very good for that. I don't know what else they do there."

"I would tell others that it is a very good place."

"I would tell others that I would rate them a five."

"I actually already have recommended it to others. I would tell others that I have no problem putting my mother there. You don't ever want to put someone in a nursing home. Mom was living with me for awhile last summer, but I know she is cared for and I need that to know she is okay."

"I would tell others that the help is wonderful, the therapy is great, the food is above average, the place is clean, and they are very attentive to their people."