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4.1 out of 5
(89 reviews in the last 12 months)
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  • 2500 East 175th Street
    Lansing, IL 60438
  • (708) 474-7330
  • 84 Beds
  • Medicare Medicaid


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If someone were to ask you about Tri-state Nursing & Rehab Ctr, what would you tell them?
"I appreciate that they are there. The need for them is tremendous. They are one of the better nursing home and care facilities that I have ever seen."

"I have talked to people about Tri-State and told them how good the people, the staff and things like this are. My wife's cousin is here in Tri-State, so there are a lot of people in my life that live there. They have her at Tri-State because they like it."

"I would tell them that they are a very caring, attentive, and hands-on facility. They are very in tune with their clients. They always have them doing things, like arts and crafts."

"I have recommended it, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. I would tell them that she has been in three nursing homes, and this one is by far the best. Her health really rebounded under their care."

"They are family friendly and dependable. They are professional and responsible."

"As far as nursing homes go, it's the best I have seen."

"I would tell them it's actually one of the better nursing homes in the area, I feel, due to the cleanliness and the healthcare of the workers."

"I would tell them it is a very nice, clean and responsible facility."

"They seem to be really nice. They carry themselves out in a professional manner, and I have never seen them disrespect my aunt."

"They took good care of my mom and my dad. There are a lot of places out there that don't. They have a lot going on and give them something to do rather than sit in their rooms."

"I always tell my friends it's one of the best places I have seen. My brother says it's a hotel, that is how well it is!"

"I would say it's a very clean facility. The care seems to be good. Being that it's a smaller facility, I think that people that live there get a little more care than they would somewhere else."

"I'd tell them that it is a smaller facility, very clean, and the staff is always very friendly."