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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the comments and scores be posted?

Pinnacle will only post comments on our site,

What will be posted?

Each facility will have a unique page that displays their average score from the last 12 months from the question Recommend to Others. Some comments from the Recommend question where respondents gave the highest score possible will randomly be selected for the website. Comments will be screened beforehand to filter out comments that contain any personal identifying information. We will be listing all facilities that are available in the CMS dataset. However, we will only show publicly available data for all facilities. Only Pinnacle clients will have the premium listings that show their ratings and their comments.

Why are you posting this?

More and more people are going to the internet to research potential healthcare providers. There is so many great things being said about our clients during our surveys, we wanted to give each of you a mechanism to share that feedback from a credible source. We are going to be optimizing each of your pages so that when someone searches for your facility online, they can see how your customers are rating your facility and also what they are saying about it. We have also heard from many of our clients that they would like a rating made available to the public that is an alternative to the Medicare Five Star rating. We think there is no better option than a review from your own customers.

How much does this cost?

Nothing. We are providing this service to all of our current SNF clients at no cost.

I’m hesitant to give my permission to post this, my scores aren’t very good.

We will not be posting percentages, ranks or negative comments. We are only posting a small selection of comments from clients who are very willing to recommend your facility. We are also posting the average score from Recommend to Others. Almost all of our clients are somewhere between a three star rating and a five star rating when it comes to the 12 month average of the question Recommend to Others.

How do I get my facility listed?

In order for your full listing to become active, you must accept the terms and conditions in the unique link that was sent to you on your December 2015 Customer Satisfaction Report (delivered in January 2016). Otherwise, your facility's listing will only show data that is publicly available from CMS.

If you have not received your unique link by February 1, 2016, please alert your account manager.

Can I unlist my facility?

You can deactivate the information we post from your Pinnacle reports at any time by contacting us.

Is this service available for other provider types (e.g. AL, IL, Home Health, Hospice, etc.)

It is currently only available for Nursing and Rehabilitation Homes.