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4.1 out of 5
(63 reviews in the last 12 months)
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  • 25919 Gading Road
    Hayward, CA 94544
  • (510) 782-8424
  • 99 Beds
  • Medicare Medicaid


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If someone were to ask you about Windsor Post Acute Care Center Of Hayward, what would you tell them?
"I would tell them that I had a great experience. I was immediately involved in physical therapy. The black man in the physical therapy department was fabulous. He was patient and almost shy the way that he would say what work we were going to do and that he knew it was going to hurt but we'd get through it. He was sweet and accommodating."

"I do recommend them all the time. I deal with seniors and I send people over there. I tell them that it is a facility that is very clean, caring and nurturing for their loved ones. Windsor is really good. I tell them how well they take care of my mom. I have had two people send loved ones there. I tell them to read the reports. I like that it's very diverse, and I tell people that."

"I would tell them that it's the best place overall, and I have done a lot of research. The visit I had before she was discharged was wonderful, they gave me a full tour. The people were wonderful, they were very accommodating. The patients that were living there full-time were happy. You hear horror stories about nursing facilities, and that is one place I can be happy she went to."

"I would tell them you get pretty good care there."

"I have recommended it. I would tell them it's a nice place to go."

"I would tell them it's a good place to stay. The people there are all really nice, kind, considerate, and compassionate. It's clean."

"Absolutely! I would tell them that I was grateful to stay there. I was going to be placed in a home that I knew was really substandard. I had to tell the placement person at Kaiser hospital that I wasn't going to go to that home and she magically found a placement for me at Windsor."

"I would highly recommend somebody to go there. I would tell them it's the best."

"If I have to go into hospice I would go there. I'd highly recommend it. The staff, the cleanliness, and the rooms are nice."

"It's nice. It's clean. It doesn't have smells like other places can have."

"I would tell them that Mr. Ross has been there going on two years and he has received the best care that I can think of under the conditions."

"I already have recommended them. I would tell them that my mother is there. She's happy. It's clean. It isn't like your standard convalescent facility. They try to keep the patients comfortable and make them happy."

"I would say that they have several staff members that I really like. I like the way that they keep them busy throughout the day. I really appreciate that."