Nursing Home Directory - A Free Nursing Home Locating Service

Welcome to the Nursing Home DirectoryThe purpose of this directory is to help you locate Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers which focus on customer satisfaction.

The Nursing Homes in this directory focus on, and are committed to customer satisfaction. Unlike other nursing home listings, this nursing home directory will not list every nursing facility in a geographical area. In order for a nursing home to appear in our listings, it must meet specific requirements that demonstrate it's dedication to customer satisfaction.

Skilled Nursing Facilities which focus on customer satisfaction feel that the feedback from their residents and their residents' families is of the utmost importance. Each facility listed in the Nursing Home Directory receives monthly feedback from their residents and their families. This feedback is used to enhance nursing home care, and the quality of life for each individual resident.

Along with these processes that provide constant feedback and nursing home ratings, these facilities also pay special attention to and work for positive outcomes (and experiences) in:

  • Each Individual's Overall Satisfaction
  • Nursing Care
  • Dining Service
  • Quality of Food
  • Building Cleanliness
  • Laundry Service
  • Communication From the Facility
  • Response to Problems
  • Treatment of Each Individual With Dignity and Respect
  • Recreational Activities
  • Professional Therapy Services
  • Admission Process
  • Resident Safety

We invite you to contact any of the facilities in this directory and find out for yourself about their commitment to customer satisfaction. We also encourage you to contact the Nursing Home Directory with any questions or comments.